Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

If you are a golfer than you already know that there are great rewards waiting for you outdoors. But did you know that being outside can boost your health too? The fact is, people who spend more time outside are healthier than those who spend all their days inside. Some of the reasons this could be the case could be because you feel more refreshed and alive outside. Another reason that people are healthier when they spend time outdoors is because when you are outside, you tend to move around more especially when you are playing golf. Some of the proven health benefits of being outside include: increase exercise, eye health enhancement, increase intake of vitamin D, greater sleep, grounding (feeling the soil on your bare skin), and boost in your psychological health. In another article, it discussed some additional benefits of spending your days outdoors and these include: restoration of your mental energy, improvement in your short-term memory, inflammation reduction, stress reduction, boost in creativity, possible anti-cancer benefits, and improvement in concentration.

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Golf Courses in Michigan

Top Golf Courses in Michigan

A golf course is a reserved ground where the sport of golf is played. The ground contains positioned grounds that are systematically placed and every player aims at them. The ground has a teeing place, fairway and a green with a pin and a required golf course has a maximum of 18 holes. Like any other game also golf has its level of difficulties that make the game interesting and competitive. Some of the golf courses have sand and water baths to only spice the level. Every golf course has five main components that are similar across the world and they are: Tee Box, Fairway, and Green, Rough and Hazard. Michigan has several golf courses which will be discussed at length.

Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course

An Arcadia bluff was built in 1999 a fully standard golf course in Michigan with the required holes 18. It is a public golf course situated at Manistee County. The golf course is situated on a place that has the best view of the lake which makes it standard out and admired by several visitors and golf players who uses the facility. There are other activities that take place in arcadia bluffs like the dune walk that is good to roll or time out with family. The dunes are completed by beautiful woods.

The Legend Golf Course

The legend golf course is situated at northwest of Bellaire. It was built in 1986 by Arnold palmer. The golf course has won several awards that have made it outstanding. Some of the awards are: Golf course of the year 2014 and named the top four golf course in USA. It has several services such as: electric cart, placards and outstanding manicure services.Get more information here!

The Kingsley Club

The golf course is a privately owned and it purely deal with members who subscribe for membership. Kingsley golf course is situated near Kingsley. The golf course was architected by Mike Devries and opened on 2001. Among privately owned in Michigan it is the second best. Kingsley golf … [Read the rest]

Round in Michigan

Play a Round in Michigan

Michigan has many attractive places that make someone have great time when they visit. These places are completed with modern facilities. Some of these facilities are: midway sports entertainment, metropolitan speech, sensory and ABA center of Saline, Mega fun and Fitness, paradise park, pinball petes, the occupation station, pump it up, sky zone indoor trampoline park, Rochester play, sportway, Taylor sportsplex, the Chelsea tree house for children.

Well Maintained Golf Courses

Michigan State has several golf courses which most of them are public golf courses. They give families and individual people a place to spend their holiday or time to interact with nature and catch up with friends while playing golf.

Indoor Arena

Michigan has several indoor arenas which are good to play in especially during winter like sky zone Trampoline Park which gives a team or a person to play dodge ball, freestyle jump and sky slam.


The casinos are entertainment places which offer table games and slots. Gamblers get a chance to entertain themselves and win lots of cash that is put as a grand price. Also these casinos have luxury resorts and restaurants a good example is island resort and casino and bay mills resort and casino.


Michigan has the race tracks that will give someone who love speed get something to remember. There are several horse racing courses and car tracks which are well completed and maintained. Michigan has a history of car culture which makes it to have several displays of tracks. Michigan has an international speedway and a home the fastest laps. Even BMX races are accommodated in Michigan.


There are several adventures that can explore in Michigan. Michigan has several natural resources that which help to create a sport that can be used compete. The great lakes of Michigan, inland lakes, rivers, forest, national parks and recreation centers several miles of marked mountain bike. If one wants to experience sea kayaking then the place to be is north Michigan during the summer.Read post from


It gives a … [Read the rest]

Family Game

Golf- A Family Game

Golf is a game that is played by teeing a golf ball to take an aim in a certain hole in a golf course. Golf is a game that is interactive and can be played by people from any category as long as one follows the simplest instructions given. Some families go out to the golf course and play golf because golf game enables most families to; spend time together, outdoor and activities, learn new skills, activity for the weekend and holidays, and game for the whole family.

Spend Time Together

Golf game brings together family and grants them chance to spend together because during taking shots to aim at a hole family members can catch up on issues concerning their family. The game involves a huge time for fun maybe when one takes a wrong shot and the other takes a perfect shot or even a family member helps the other one take a shot.

Learn New Skills

The game is more involving because one gets to learn lots of techniques which help family to develop like team spirit or even learning on how to respect others, listening and commitment especially when taking an aim. Leadership skills are also learn.

Activity for the Weekend or Holidays

Golf offers a great opportunity for a family to spend the holiday very well because in the first place golf courses are made in a way that is self-sustaining and beautiful picnic sites or even good resorts that a family can book in and spend the holiday together. Families get to catch up and share a lot because when playing golf one doesn’t fall short of something to do with the family.Click this site at

Game for the Whole Family

Anybody can play golf it does not restrict a person from playing because of age or fitness any family member can play golf anytime. People with different abilities or skills can play together whichever level they choose and best suit them. Even the youngest and inexperienced member of the family can take … [Read the rest]