Golf Courses in Michigan

Top Golf Courses in Michigan

A golf course is a reserved ground where the sport of golf is played. The ground contains positioned grounds that are systematically placed and every player aims at them. The ground has a teeing place, fairway and a green with a pin and a required golf course has a maximum of 18 holes. Like any other game also golf has its level of difficulties that make the game interesting and competitive. Some of the golf courses have sand and water baths to only spice the level. Every golf course has five main components that are similar across the world and they are: Tee Box, Fairway, and Green, Rough and Hazard. Michigan has several golf courses which will be discussed at length.

Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course

An Arcadia bluff was built in 1999 a fully standard golf course in Michigan with the required holes 18. It is a public golf course situated at Manistee County. The golf course is situated on a place that has the best view of the lake which makes it standard out and admired by several visitors and golf players who uses the facility. There are other activities that take place in arcadia bluffs like the dune walk that is good to roll or time out with family. The dunes are completed by beautiful woods.

The Legend Golf Course

The legend golf course is situated at northwest of Bellaire. It was built in 1986 by Arnold palmer. The golf course has won several awards that have made it outstanding. Some of the awards are: Golf course of the year 2014 and named the top four golf course in USA. It has several services such as: electric cart, placards and outstanding manicure services.Get more information here!

The Kingsley Club

The golf course is a privately owned and it purely deal with members who subscribe for membership. Kingsley golf course is situated near Kingsley. The golf course was architected by Mike Devries and opened on 2001. Among privately owned in Michigan it is the second best. Kingsley golf course is unique because it also allowsnon-members to use the facility.

Hawk Hollow Golf Course

Golf Courses in MichiganThe golf course was built in the year 1996 and the chief architect was jerry Matthews. It is a public golf course and it also received several awards like being rated the fifth best public golf course in 2014. Hawk hollow has several facilities that are situated in the golf course like clubhouse and a conference room. These facilities offer quality service.Checkout some tips from

Rackharm Golf Course

Rackharm golf course is among the oldest golf course in Michigan because it was established in 1924 by Donald Ross. The golf course is at Oakland County and it is also a public golf course. It is one of the golf courses in Michigan that doesn’t have water pits which increases the level of difficulty when playing. The course has 18 holes which are well taken care of. There are other services and equipment’s which are provided at this golf course like pull carts, clubs and carts.